• dotSwift 2019

    The European Swift Conference

    January 28, 2019 Paris, France

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    Full speaker lineup:

    Johannes Weiss

    Johannes likes low-level problems and high-level languages. He strives to reduce complexity and increase performance to enable beautiful, fast and correct programs. Currently he's working on the high-performance networking library SwiftNIO at Apple.

    Daniel Jalkut

    Daniel is the founder of Red Sweater and the developer of MarsEdit, the popular blog editing app for the Mac. As an active member of the Mac and iOS developer communities, he shares his thoughts on his Indie Stack and Bitsplitting blogs, and on the Core Intuition podcast he co-hosts with Manton Reece.

    Tom Doron

    Tom is a technologist and entrepreneur. He uses technology to create frameworks and platforms with the goal of enabling creativity. As a senior engineering manager at Apple, Tom is overseeing a technology team that creates libraries, frameworks and services for Apple's internal developers and open source communities.

    Soroush Khanlou

    Soroush is a New York-based iOS consultant. Hes written apps for the New Yorker, David Changs Ando, Rap Genius, and non-profits like Urban Archive. He blogs about programming at khanlou.com, mostly making fun of view controllers. In his free time, he runs, bakes bread and pastries, and collects suitcases.

    James Dempsey

    James is a fifteen-year Apple veteran gone indie. As owner of Tapas Software, hes been coding and teaching Swift since Version 1. He also sings about Swift as frontman for the iTunes chart-topping band James Dempsey and the Breakpoints. When not Swifting, he co-hosts The Weekly Review productivity podcast.

    Lea Marolt Sonnenschein

    Lea spent three years in New York, working on the iOS application for Rent the Runway and teaching Swift at General Assembly. Now, she's getting a masters in Innovation Design Engineering in London, and spends most of her time playing with sensors and microcontrollers. She still Swifts, though, by writing and talking for raywenderlich.com.

    Mark Dalrymple

    From 8-bit micros to classic Mac to Unix systems and finally OS X and iOS, Mark has been programming for a long time. Most recently at Google, then Big Nerd Ranch. He's written books on Objective-C and advanced Mac programming and is the co-founder of CocoaHeads, the international Mac and iOS developer's society.

    Jeff Biggus

    Jeff cut his teeth in programming on the Apple ][+, took a long detour through engineering and physics, then merged it all by working on computational physics, HPC, and GPGPU computing, primarily on Macs and mobile devices. He's also a musician, and avid history and philosophy fan.

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